Easing the pain - Levicept leads the way in chronic pain research

Levicept, a biopharmaceutical company based at the Discovery Park Enterprise Zone in Sandwich, is at the forefront of medical research into the development of new biological therapies for the treatment of chronic pain.  The company recently completed a £10m financing to take its therapy to clinical trials.

Over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain and inflammation caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis.  Current therapies are largely based on anti-inflammatory drugs but these can have unpleasant side effects.

Levicept acquired its novel biological agent from Pfizer in 2013.   It is being developed as a once-a-month injection for the treatment of osteoarthritis and chronic pain.  Levicept announced in September 2014 that it had secured a £10m financing package with Index Ventures, Advent Life Sciences, and Gilde Healthcare to start human trials of the drug.  Levicept has also secured a £2.4m grant from the InnovateUK (Technology Strategy Board) biomedical catalyst fund.

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Posted on 22/10/2014