Further expansion at Multipanel UK

Following the successful launch of our UK factory and the introduction of several new product lines, Multipanel UK has recently invested £560,000 expanding our UK site to include additional warehousing immediately adjacent to the UK production facility.  To maximise capacity, the new warehouse has been fitted with a bespoke mobile racking system that utilises 95% of the warehouse volume, providing additional storage for 1500 pallets of Alupanel® products and bringing total stock capacity at the UK site to 4500 pallets.

Our current stockholding of finished product has a value of £12 million and it is already the world’s largest stock of Aluminium Composite Panels with immediate availability.  Supplementing our existing warehousing will grow this to £17 million worth of stock, helping us to increase our delivery capabilities and assisting our partners to win new business.

Quantity with Quality

The launch of our UK factory two years ago has stimulated enormous growth in demand, not only in the quantities required but also in the quality of the product, with discerning buyers on five Continents seeking the smoothest, flattest panels.  To help ensure we have sufficient stock of the quality products you need, we are investing a further £2.2 million on our production line where new technology will be employed to improve performance and increase speed up to 12 linear metres per minute which equates to an annual production capacity of 6 million square metres from this single line.

Thanks to the tireless work of the Multipanel team and the loyal support of our distributor partners, we are consolidating our position as market leader in the manufacture of ACM. The location of our Dover production plant provides excellent links to the transport infrastructure in the UK combined with easy access to the European road network and Ports, which is ideal for our global distribution needs.  Alupanel® is the only product of its kind to be made in the UK and increasing the amount of stock we have on the ground by making these new investments will help us to provide our customers with an unrivalled product in terms of quality, price and service.

Issued by Multipanel UK

Posted on 11/07/2016