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Alert Technology opens office at Discovery Park as part of expansion plan for asbestos detection technology

Discovery Park has reached agreement with Alert Technology, the company behind a new and potentially life-saving device to open a sales office at the flagship research site in Sandwich, Kent.

The company’s arrival follows significant investment by the Discovery Park Technology Investment Fund (DPTIF), an early stage venture vehicle for promising R&D and technology firms.

This fund is managed by NCL Innovation, another Discovery Park tenant, on behalf of Kent County Council. It was announced in March that NCL, via the DPTIF, was leading an initial investment of £700,000 alongside a network of private investors.

This together with a European Union funded grant programme of £1.5 (€1.8m) has enabled Alert to bring the technology – developed by a team at Hertfordshire University – to commercial fruition. The university, which is considered a world leader in particle detection, has agreed to assign the IP to Alert.

Alert have received more than 900 expressions of interest from a wide range of industry sectors around the world, including major construction partners and are now working closely with a number of future customers keen to be early adopters of new technology including health and safety labs and industry trade associations in the UK and EU to test its products, ahead of commercial production.

The company is now considering options for future manufacturing and recruitment, with the potential of creating new jobs for Kent as the company establishes itself over the coming months.  The new sales office at Discovery Park, Sandwich is just the start, employing new talent as required.

Alan Archer, CEO of Alert, said: “We are looking forward to being part of the success story at Discovery Park and working with local partners to help with our manufacturing process.

“This is an exciting time for us as we take the journey towards bringing this valuable game change of a product to market.”

Lauren Moore, Leasing Executive, Discovery Park, said: “Discovery Park is the place for pioneers, whether in business or in exciting areas of research. That has been part of the history of this place for decades.

“We’re delighted that Alert Technology are now part of that story and wish them every success as they build their presence – both in their target markets and here in East Kent.”

Editor’s Notes

Investors - Discovery Park Technology Investment Fund (DPTIF), Managed by NCL Innovation and supported by Kent County Council and the Regional Growth Fund. 

About Alert Technology Ltd (

Alert’s technology was originally developed by The Select Group of Companies in 2010 in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, a leading institution for particle detection research.  Alert Technology Ltd, a spin out from Select officially commenced trading in January 2017. It is seeking further equity investment to enable it to fast track its global market launch of the ALERT technology and will list on SyndicateRoom during May 2017 to raise funds toexpandits team and begin R&D on new industry specific models.  It sales office will be located at Discovery Park, with ambitions to locate its manufacturing facility in Kent.

Posted on 15/05/2017