There’s no better way to find out about the local history of the area than visiting one of our great museums.  Dover Museum is one of the oldest museum in Kent, dating from 1836 and tells the story of the development of both the town and port from the Stone Age to the 20th century.  The Museum also contains the Dover Bronze Age Boat Gallery which exhibits the world’s oldest known seagoing boat, discovered in the town during a road construction project and dating from around 1500 BC.  Dover Museum also hosts regular exhibitions.  Vintage transport of a different kind is featured at the Dover Transport Museum where two large exhibition halls contain Dover street scenes from a bygone era. 

Maritime heritage also plays an important part in the exhibits at Deal Maritime & Local History Museum and the Deal Timeball Tower Museum.  As befits one of the most complete medieval towns in the country, the Sandwich Guildhall Museum is a great introduction before you set off to explore the narrow streets and architecture.  The Guildhall itself was built in 1579.