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At the heart of the European Transport Network


As the closest UK town to mainland Europe - just 21 miles from France – Dover has unrivalled connections to the Continent for both business and leisure. 

A ferry leaves Dover on average every 30 minutes offering passenger, tourist and freight services to both Calais and Dunkirk.

Dover is also one of the UK’s leading ports for the importation of perishable goods, and the UK’s second busiest cruise port.

Travel times

  • Dover to Calais: 90 mins
  • Dover Priory to London St Pancras: 67 mins
  • Dover to Gatwick Airport: 90 mins
  • Dover to Heathrow Airport: 120 mins
  • Ashford International to Paris: 2hrs 25 mins
  • Ashford International to Brussels: 1hr 51 mins