Deliver for Dover2

Picturing the future - it’s time to deliver for Dover!

Burlington House is coming down and from its remains will be created the foundations for the Port’s Dover Western Docks Revival scheme.  The Prince of Wales Pier has been given the green light to temporarily close for redevelopment by Dover District Council (DDC) so that DWDR can move ahead.

Everywhere you turn, previous chapters are finally being closed and a new chapter is now being opened and embraced, heralding a new era of progress for Dover not seen for many years.

The St James Development and DWDR are increasing the level of interest in Dover as together with our district council partners we look to fundamentally change perceptions for the better.

The Port of Dover has worked positively alongside DDC as part of the InvestinDover initiative and is keen to continue playing its part in promoting and delivering some of the key opportunities that are being created.

The Port is firmly committed to working together on the issue of connectivity and is already engaged in discussions regarding connectivity between the waterfront and the town centre.  It is supporting DDC’s Dover Transportation Study as we look to deliver the approved A20 junction improvements in support of Dover’s collective regeneration projects and to ensure they deliver maximum benefit to the local economy.  We are also continuing to work with partners to advocate the wider strategic needs for transport improvements to Dover.

As yet another sign of the Port’s commitment to delivering a fantastic future for Dover, Tim Waggott, Chief Executive, Port of Dover said:  “I am delighted to announce that we will commit £50,000 in funding towards the joint research of a future planning and regeneration environment that we can all support for the ultimate benefit of Dovorians and port users.

“These are truly exciting as well as pivotal times and I trust that we can continue working together in the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation as we herald in a new era for Dover and continue to deliver our shared vision.  I can picture the future and I can’t wait for it to be here.  We start now.”

Cllr Paul Watkins, Leader, Dover District Council, said:  "With the Port of Dover moving ahead with the Dover Western Docks Revival project, another major catalyst for Dover’s regeneration is being delivered. 

 “We are working positively together with our Port partners, including on ways to improve access to Dover’s key regeneration sites.  Such wide-ranging commitment to Dover is a reflection of the massive momentum there now is to take Dover forward.”

Dover Western Docks Revival will deliver more jobs, a more vibrant waterfront, more port capacity and help to attract more investment into Dover.  We can’t wait for it to be here!

Notes to Editors

  • The ‘Can’t Wait to be Here’ head in the hole photo features Tim Waggott, Chief Executive of Port of Dover on the right and Tim Ingleton, Head of Inward Investment from Dover District Council in the centre.
  • The ‘head in the hole’ will be at various local venues in the run up to Christmas as part of a caption competition - “I can picture myself here because...”, with prizes to win for best captions.
Posted on 24/11/2015