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New production facility unlocks potential of algae for health and personal care markets

A science company focused on using algae to meet the growing demand for health-promoting ingredients, has expanded into a new science production facility at Discovery Park.

AlgaeCytes has developed a process that captures the properties of algae to produce high value ingredients for the health and personal care markets and intends to use its new space to scale up production to meet demand.

The opening of this new facility is the first stage of a multi-million-pound investment by the owners of Discovery Park that will eventually add 50,000 sq ft of new laboratory space and a 60,000 ft expansion of the site’s office capacity.

Naz Bashir, Chief Executive, AlgaeCytes, said: “The opening of this new facility marks an exciting stage for AlgaeCytes that we believe will unlock the full potential of algae in the nutritional and health care markets.

“Our aim is not only to produce a more sustainable source of Omega-3 oils but to create ingredients that amaze; ingredients that will be used in beauty products that can improve skin health.

 On the importance of Discovery Park to the company’s future, Naz added: “We are delighted to grow our footprint at Discovery Park and we look forward to continuing our expansion plans.

“We have found the site’s environment and facilities perfect for carrying out our research to date and are very much looking forward to this next phase of our development.”

Toby Hunter, Chief Executive, Discovery Park, said: “This is great news for Discovery Park and we wish AlgaeCytes every success as they enter this exciting stage in their development.

“The company’s expansion is a perfect example of the potential for science on this iconic site. We are looking forward to being able to announce further exciting news over the coming months, as we continue our multi-million-pound investment programme.”

AlgaeCytes produces high quality Omega-3 oils EPA as well as protein and carbohydrates from algae.

Traditional marine-sources of Omega oils are putting pressure on global fish stocks and thus becoming recognised as unsustainable.  Omega 3 oils from non-marine sources are attracting significant interest in the personal care and health care markets.    

About Algaecytes

  • AlgaeCytes is a business that is focused on delivering amazing ingredients and products derived from algae for the personal care, nutrition therapeutics and health markets. 
  • At AlgaeCytes our ambition and constant objective is to develop products according to the principles of green economy, naturally and with minimal waste.  We are always aiming to have a positive impact on health and nutrition. 
  • At AlgaeCytes we aim to add value by offering ingredients such as vegetarian Omega 3 oils EPA and other algae based ingredients.  AlgaeCytes can also offer high-quality protein and carbohydrates from algal biomass as a traceable source.  AlgaeCytes' patented technology offers a number of benefits in terms of sustainability. It allows for continuous indoor algae farming production in regular commercial locations, near skilled employees, transportation and markets.

The company is focused on:

Nutritional therapeutics Omega-3 oil EPA for cardiovascular disease, neuro-health and cognitive function and algal protein for sport health aiding muscle recovery for athlete and for muscle care for the elderly.

Skin Care Anti-aging products using Omega-3 oil EPA and co-formulation with pre- and pro- biotics or other bio-actives for skin care and anti-inflammatory oral and other indications.

Healthcare Related ingredients, opportunities for ingredients from algae for use by third parties in new antimicrobial, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory applications. AlgaeCytes has identified an algal species that can produce high exopolysaccharides that may prove effective in a number of areas, including aspects of respiratory disease.

Posted on 30/10/2017