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Megger acquires Metrycom, a technology leader in Smart Grid monitoring solutions

Dover, UK, December 3rd, 2021 – Electrical measurement company Megger Group (“Megger”) today announced it has acquired the entire share capital of Metrycom, a provider of grid network sensors and analytics to the electrical supply industry.

Metrycom supplies unique grid sensor and analytics solutions for online measurements, condition monitoring and fault location using extensive detection and prediction algorithms for medium and high voltage grid networks.  Smart grid sensor networks bring insight to grid operators, enabling tracking of real time energy consumption, phase imbalance and power flows across the grid including distributed energy resources.

Analytics provides decision makers with predictive analysis of future faults, supporting predictive maintenance practices along with improved detection and location of unplanned outages. This also enables improved grid system reliability year over year, with improvements in SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIFI grid reliability indices.   

Jim Fairbairn, Chief Executive Officer of Megger, said “We are delighted to bring Metrycom into the Megger family. Metrycom’s Smart Grid sensor technology is best-in-class, enabling power utilities better visibility into MV networks to assist in grid operation management and preventative condition-based maintenance, all of which improve grid reliability.

On the purchase supporting Megger’s growth strategy, he said, “The addition of Metrycom supports the longer term industry move to online monitoring solutions and complements Megger’s partial discharge monitoring solutions for substation GIS and GIL assets.  This acquisition underpins our medium-term vision to become a connected, digitally fluent, value-added analytical partner for electricity utilities and all customers engaging in power management.”

Liron Frenkel, Chief Executive Officer of Metrycom said: “We are very pleased to have been acquired by Megger, as this complements the Metrycom business, providing outstanding business development opportunities and extended reach to new customers who can benefit from our high-quality Smart Grid monitoring solutions”. 

About Metrycom - founded in Israel in 2008 and based in Herzliya, where the focus has been engineering development of state-of-the-art Smart Grid solutions, working closely with Israel Electric Corporation and other innovative electrical utilities to address future needs, including support of different network topologies, unique solutions for compensated grid networks, predictive analysis, pre-fault location, highest grade of cyber security hardening,  flexible communications options including integrated cellular and mesh-radio networks for urban and rural grids, and reliable, maintenance-free operation in different environments with efficient power harvesting capabilities.

About Megger - headquartered in Dover, UK, Megger has nine manufacturing sites globally and local offices in 42 countries.  Since 1889, the business focus has been to support the Electrical Supply Industry with test and measurement instruments, providing insight to electrical asset performance.  Megger’s investment into online measurements further increases its industry relevance for the future.

Posted on 07/12/2021