Connaught barracks

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Connaught Barracks

Connaught Barracks is a unique site with a rich heritage, offering spectacular views across the English Channel and the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, from a prominent location on the hill above the town and adjacent to Dover Castle.

The site is owned by Homes England also includes Fort Burgoyne, a scheduled ancient monument which has transferred by Homes England to the Land Trust in 2014.  The Land Trust is working to restore and repurpose the fort and its surroundings for the benefit of the local community.

The new development is set to enhance the rich heritage context of Fort Burgoyne and Dover Castle, and incorporate a landscape setting that is sensitive to the neighbouring Kent Downs AONB.  Particular attention has been paid to maintaining the development’s visual links with Dover Castle and Fort Burgoyne, along with biodiversity and sustainable travel.

Phase 1, Officers Mess

Construction on sixty-four new homes for the first part of the site, the Officers Mess. has begun.    

Planning granted for up to 300 new homes

Dover District Council has approved plans for up to 300 new homes on the main site of the 10.9-hectare brownfield site. The plans include a new road junction with the A258 (Castle Hill Road). 

Dover Fastrack, a new Homes England funded dedicated rapid transit bus route will also connect the development with Dover town centre and Dover Priory railway station for High-Speed train services to London.  Construction of Dover Fastrack starts in April 2022.

A Section 106 planning agreement will see £1.5m in developer contributions for local public services, including education, libraries, outdoor sports, and health and social care.