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Housing Developments

As part of its growth agenda, Dover District Council is working with developers to bring over 10,000 news homes to the district by 2026, rising to 14,000 new homes in the longer term. 

Whitfield is the largest strategic housing allocation in the district with the development of up to 5,750 homes as part of a major urban extension. 

A range of other new developments are nearing completion, providing family and executive housing across the district.  This includes the regeneration of the former Buckland paper mill, and developments of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes at Elysium Park in Dover, and Sholden in Deal. 

The first phase of the Aylesham development (1,200 new homes) has started, are there are also new planned developments at the Western Heights, and the former Connaught Barracks site in Dover, and a smaller, exclusive development at Hammill Park near Sandwich.

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